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Upgrade your old Pentium 4 to Windows 7 or...

Alright itś 2013 and you probably have an quite recent computer. Well then you are running Windows 7 and this article may not be for you ;) But for the people out there who are still working on that Windows XP computer... this might be helpful.

So since a long time I've had interest in keeping old hardware working, especially when it came to laptops and computers. Since I started myself with a quite old computer when I was a kid, I always want to keep old computers alive.

Now since Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP by April 9, 2014, you need to upgrade to Windows 7... or Vista... or Windows 8.. even though a lot of the hardware from back then will not be able to perform as well as it did under Windows XP during itś glory days.

And of course hardware gets old, and may wear, especially the harddrive. However a Pentium 4 with 3,0 Ghz or 2,4 Ghz is a machine that I personally used to explore the internet during the era of 2004 till 2008. After that I had a friend who made it possible for me to upgrade for a good price to a dualcore system.

However as many people may still own working computers but have put them aside, simply because they are "too slow to complete work and be productive" itś sad to see that such computers will end up as trash, even though they could make someone happy, a kid, a grandma or maybe even people in a foreign poor country.

Since Windows 7 might be to heavy for a computer with 512MB ram and a 2,4 Ghz single core processor. You can try Linux of course... right... linux. yah... linux. <_< Well that's hard, scary, slow on old computers... etc. and with the new interface of ubuntu you are going to confuse lots of old people and average users. So it's time to buy a new computer!

But wait, there is this this Linux distro based on Ubuntu, with a really simple and clean interface now, that runs quite well on old hardware! I do not like distro's like puppy linux and small linux, slackware, etc. because the user interface and gui is just ew.. in my opinion. So there is this distro now called "elementary os" which is very nice!

Read more on what I did with it and am doing with it right now as I write this article ;)

Or just check this video to start with ;)

Here is just another video! with an awesome review about elementary os

What I really like that it has less features then a normal OS by default, but just these features that you will need in the everyday usage!